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Workcover Claims

If you've been injured at work, or because of your work, you may be eligible to claim benefits from your organisations workcover provider. Injuries can happen at work, travelling to and from work or while on a break from work.

At Body Leadership Australia we treat a range of workplace injuries and work with you and your employer to get you back on the job as quickly and safely as possible.

What you need

Once your injury occurs you will have to see your doctor for a referral and organise a workcover claim through your workplace. You will be given a claim number, claims officer contact and number of approved physiotherapy sessions. You will need to bring this information to your appointment in order to make the claim.

How it works

Once we have your claim number we invoice your workcover provider directly, meaning no out of pocket expense for you. Our physiotherapists will work closely with your claims officer to determine an effective plan for your return to work and will organise extra treatment sessions if required.

For more information about workcover claims or to book a workcover appointment simply call us on 07 3847 8040 or you can inquire online here.