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Take 5 - Posture Alignment

Whether it's from staring at the computer screen all day, chasing after kids or that feeling where your head is just a bit too heavy for your shoulders, posture, for many of us, begins to deteriorate over time. While the visible effects of poor posture are widely understood, the strain it places on your muscles and ligaments is not. Poor posture puts stress on your body which means certain parts have to work harder creating tension and pain.

The good news is good posture is something we can get back! Body Leadership's new 'Take 5 - Posture Alignment' series can help you do just that. Using deep tissue release our physiotherapists will work through your entire body over 5 sessions to release tension, realign your body and get you standing up tall. An outline of the five sessions is provided below.

Session 1. Straighten Up

Our first session focuses on your entire upper body. Our physio's will work systematically through your neck, shoulders, upper back, arms and hands to leave you feeling instantly straighter and taller. 

Session 2. Lighten Your Load

Our legs can become quite tense from either sitting or standing for long periods of time. In the second session our physio's will use deep tissue techniques to realign you from the ground up. They will work through your lower body to increase circulation and lengthen your muscles letting you walk away with a new sensation of lightness.

Session 3.The Knot Melter

Session three focuses solely on your back muscles. Our physio's will use slow pressure through every muscle in your back to iron out all the built up tension from everyday life. This session lets you lie back and feel the knots melt away leaving you feeling beyond relaxed.

Session 4. Fresh Faced

Session four is a wonderfully indulgent session. You will truly understand just how many muscles we use in our face after our physio's have released them all. Going through the neck and face you will feel how your muscles will lift and leave you looking younger. We like to call it our mini face lift.

Session 5. Full Body Time

Our final session is aimed at balancing out your entire body. Our physio's will work through your whole body to leave you feeling younger, fresher and more energised to do the things you want to do.  

To realign your body and get your perfect posture back why not try Body Leadership's 'Take 5 - Posture Alignment' series. For more information or to book in your first session call 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.

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