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Meet Paul Trevethan - Principal Physiotherapist

Paul graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia in 1995. Over 16 years he has treated over 20 000 people. Commencing his private practice career in 1996 in country Queensland, Paul went on to work in a number of different clinics before starting Body Leadership Australia in 2001.

Early on in his career, Paul discovered that some of the methods commonly used to treat injuries were providing at best, only short term relief from pain. Paul took it upon himself to find a more effective approach to preventing and treating injuries. He sought out the best practitioners across Australia to mentor him in the latest innovative techniques coming out of the US and Europe.

Based on his learnings and experience, Paul developed a philosophy which would not only shape his practice, but his entire approach to injury prevention and personal wellbeing. This approach is the foundation of Body Leadership.

Paul has a special interest in hands on techniques as well as teaching self release strategies for empowering patients to achieve their own pain relief results long term. Paul is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the South East Alliance of General Practice. He has completed his Sports Level 2, has a certificate IV in training and assessment and is a guest lecturer at The University of Queensland. He is a regular trainer, educator and speaker.

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Paul is also the co-founder of the Running Injury Free Revolution dedicated to helping runners, run injury free.