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Insurance Claims

If you are suffering from pain after an accident and require physiotherapy treatment you may be able to claim this through your insurance. While some injuries are instant, it is worth remembering that whiplash type injuries can often take time to fully manifest so seeing your doctor as soon as possible after an accident is recommended.

Physiotherapy treatment can assist to calm down the muscles after an accident, relieve pain and increase blood flow to the muscles, which increases healing.

What you need

Once your injury occurs the first thing to do is see your GP at the earliest convenience. With a referral from your doctor you can then lodge a claim with your insurance provider. Your insurance will then provide you with a claim or reference number as well as a claims officer who will be looking after your claim. You will need to bring this information to your appointment to claim.

How it works

Once we have your claim or reference number we can invoice your insurance provider directly, meaning no out of pocket expense for you. Our physiotherapists will work closely with your claims officer to determine an effective provider management plan for your treatment and will organise the number of sessions required.

For more information about claiming your physiotherapy treatment on insurance please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3847 8040 or you can inquire online here.