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Hydrotherapy Brisbane

Hydrotherapy treatment is beneficial for those people who are looking to manage pain as well as strengthen and stabilise
the body and its joints. Hydrotherapy is used by people of all ages and injury types. Whether rehabilitating a musculoskeletal
injury, dealing with muscle stiffness, muscle weakness or joint pains, overcoming balance disorders, or dealing with stress or
stress related issues, hydrotherapy can be beneficial for you.

Some of the benefits of using hydrotherapy as part of your treatment include:

 Relieving pain
 Increasing core strength
 Improving balance
 Decreasing compressive forces on joints
 Decreasing muscle spasms
 Promoting relaxation
 Enhancing physical fitness and well-being

For more information about how hydrotherapy could benefit you please call us on 3847 8040 or you can inquire online here.