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Functional Capacity Evaluation Brisbane

A functional capacity evaluation can be utilised to determine a worker's ability to recover from a range of physical demands, similar to those required by a particular role.

Using a series of standardised tests a functional capacity evaluation can determine a worker's ability to perform at work either after an injury or when taking on new duties.

At Body Leadership Australia we understand the importance of ensuring your people fit the right roles. Our functional capacity evaluations can be tailored to suit the particular needs of your organisation as well as a specific role.

The information determined from a functional capacity evaluation can be used for:

  • Developing return to work plans
  • Specifying duties including proposed return to work duties or different duties
  • Reporting key observations
  • Communicating relevant information to involved parties including the worker, the doctor and employer

To arrange a functional capacity evaluation at your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.