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Ergonomic Assessments Brisbane

All employers have a duty care under current legislation to provide a safe workplace for their workers. For many office based workers, poor posture is the underlying cause of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders that can result in workcover claims. Ergonomic assessments are an effective tool that can ensure your employee's work areas are designed correctly to minimise risk of injury, reduce workcover claims and maximise productivity. 

Our ergonomic assessments are delivered by qualified health professionals and combine both competency as required by Australian legislation and specific injury prevention techniques to help your employees prevent injury long term. Our assessments are guided by the overall approach of Body Leadership using the three principles of Responsibility, Empowerment and Prevention.

Responsibility - We perform the assessment of the workers area and identify with the employee the ergonomic risk factors and potential injuries these can cause.

Empowerment - Our qualified health professionals will then seek to empower your employee by showing them ways to adjust their work space to eliminate these risk factors.  

Prevention - Using our unique strategy SSTM your employees will also be taught ways to relieve muscle pain or discomfort long term helping to prevent injury and pain at work and at home.

Ergonomic Assessment Options

Our ergonomic assessments cater for both small and large organisations and can be tailored to suit your needs in a cost effective way.

1. Standard Assessment

Our standard ergonomic assessments are conducted one-on-one with a worker and involve:

  • Assessing the work area 
  • Assessing the system of work or processes 
  • Assessing the work environment
  • Taking of appropriate measurements

From this information we will produce a comprehensive report that discusses key recommendations to improve ergonomic functionality and reduce risk of injury. The report will focus on posture, physical and muscular work demands, workplace design, environmental factors, use of a keyboard if relevant and specific stretch exercises to support the worker. 

2. Group Seminar with Assessments

Our Group Seminars are suitable for groups of up to .... The seminar will focus on correct workplace setup which can be tailored to suit the organisation and its needs and will also incorporate injury prevention techniques to help employee's manage their own tightness and pain before it escalates to an injury. Following the seminar short 10 minute assessment of workstations can also be carried out for individual employees to ensure learnings from the seminar are implemented effectively.

3. Home Office Assessments

With increasing workplace flexibility resulting in a number of people working from home, organisations are also responsible for the safety of people's home office and environments. Our home office assessments involve our qualified health professionals visiting the employee's home to carry out a one-on-one risk assessment to identify all ergonomic hazards. From this assessment a comprehensive report will be developed for the employer and employee identifying risk areas and improve the work area set up.

Other Assessments

Our physiotherapists are also able to provide ergonomic assessments for other working conditions including vehicles. This type of assessment is utilised to ensure your workers vehicle has been assessed for any ergonomic risk factors as well as general safety risk factors. From this assessment our physiotherapists are then able to make specific recommendations that will ensure the ergonomic safety of your workers vehicle for their work demands.

Supporting Materials

All our assessments are supported by materials that provide consistent reminders for employees on correct work station setup and ways to tackle pain. Examples of this include:

  • Information sheets on correct desk setup
  • Convenient A5 3 Minute Stretch and SSTM principle sheets
  • Posters for the office
  • Mouse Pads with SSTM principles

For more information or to organise an ergonomic assessment please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.