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Maximise Your Potential

Very few dancers are born with the talent and flexibility of the worlds top performers. Most have to work extremely hard to achieve their dreams.

Body Leadership Australia's Dance Alignment Program is best used for dancers needing to get to the next level in their dance training and careers, or during pre season for professional dancers.

Over the course of 10 weekly one hour sessions we’ll use specialist techniques to systematically stretch and release your deepest layer of muscle tissue.

The series is designed to return your body and your muscles back to their optimal state which means straighter posture, increased agility, younger movement and tone. Our Dance Alignment Program will put you in the best shape to step up or back in to your dance training regime.

Be Your Best Dancer

Through the 10 systematic sessions our physiotherapsits will work through all areas of your body to improve flexibility, turnout, muscle length, alignment and posture. For dancers specifically there are four key result areas we focus on.

Lengthen and Straighten - Body Alignment will realign your body creating extra length in your muscles and leave you looking and feeling taller.

Improve Turnout - Through our deep tissue release techniques you will feel an increase in hip rotation and improved turnout.

Increase Flexibility - With the deepest layer of corrective tissue being released you will feel increased flexibility in your hamstring, abductors and lower back improving splits, arabesque and developpe.

Free Movement - Through muscle release to ribs and back you will feel more freedom in your movement creating better lines and range of movement.

Unleash your true potential with our Dance Alignment Program. At the end of the 10 week series, you will receive:

  • A full written report featuring photos and key measurements to document your improvement.
  • Your own personalised maintenance program including a map of tight areas and the trigger points which are important for you.

For more information on our Dance Alignment Program or to get started, please call (07) 3847 8040 or inquire online here.