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Align Your Body - The Importance of Good Posture

Body Leadership Australia's Alignment Programs are beneficial for elite athletes, dancers or anyone wanting to feel better in their body. Good posture is determined by three key things:

#1 Your head should be stacked on your shoulders,
#2 Your shoulders should be stacked over your hips,
#3 Your hips should be stacked over your feet.

Sounds simple? Few of us are born this way and even fewer stay this way for long.

As part of our natural aging process, small changes take place in the body which affects the performance of your muscles. While these changes may not be visibly noticeable, they might be the difference between being a promising amateur and having a full professional career, moving freely and being restricted by pain.

Unleash Your True Potential

Unleash your true potential with our Elite Body Alignment Program for athletes and dancers. At the end of the 10 week series, you will receive:

  • A full written report featuring photos and key measurements to document your improvement.
  • Your own personalised maintenance program including a map of tight areas and the trigger points which are important for you.

For more information on our Elite Body Alignment Series or to get started, please call 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.

Relieve Tension | Feel Energised | Look Fresh

Alignment programs are not just benfical for professional athletes. Our Take 5 Posture Alignment Series is ideal for people feeling the strain bad posture places on their muscles and ligaments. Using deep tissue release our physiotherapists will work through your entire body over 5 sessions to release tension, realign your body and get you standing up tall.

For more information about our Take 5 Posture Alignment Series please call 07 3847 8040 or inquire online here.