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About Us

Body Leadership Australia was founded by respected physiotherapist, Paul Trevethan, who has been in practice for more than 17 years. Early on in his career, Paul discovered that some of the methods commonly used to treat injuries were providing at best, only short term relief from pain which inspired him to find a more effective approach to preventing and treating injuries. This approach is the foundation of Body Leadership and is carried throughout the entire Body Leadership physio team. 

Specialising in hands on, one on one care, our team of fully qualified physiotherapists provide treatment for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a professional athlete, suffer from chronic pain or simply want to feel better in your own body, our team will not only treat your injury or condition but teach you the skills to manage and prevent your pain long term. To find out more about our physiotherapy team click the link below.


What is a Body Leader?

A Body Leader is someone who:

  • Understands how their body and their muscles work
  • Takes responsibility for their actions and the effect they have on their body
  • Is proactive and motivated by information rather than pain
  • Has the knowledge to identify early warning signs
  • Has the tools and skills to address problems before they cause injury
  • Takes action through strength, stretch and release strategies using SSTM® Everyday
  • Gets the most out of their life

We've touched the lives of many people through our established physiotherapy practice in Brisbane. Our physiotherapists are passionate and love what they do. For more information please call (07) 3847 8040 or you can inquire online here.